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The Flying M Ranch

A history of ranching, farming, and conservation

The story of the Flying M Ranch began in 1959, when John and Lucia Myers started purchasing property in Merced County. Over the years, the couple established themselves as prominent ranchers, farmers, conservationists and philanthropists. Today, the Ranch is operated by the couple’s grandsons.

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Extraordinary Beauty

The Property

The Flying M Ranch extends over 24 square miles (~15,500 acres) of the Merced Grasslands, one of the largest and most intact vernal pool-grasslands habitats in the world. Looking to the east, rolling hills, dotted with Valley and Blue Oak, rise gracefully toward the majestic peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. To the west, the grasslands extend to the farmlands of the great San Joaquin Valley.

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A California Treasure

History & Landmarks

Today, the grasslands of the Flying M Ranch appear as they did centuries ago. From the summit of Haystack Mountain to the meandering streams far below, the scene remains nearly unaltered by the human touch. Around the property, grinding bowls and petroglyphs of the Northern Valley Yokut can be seen etched into the stone banks of streams, and the rock walls of cliffs. Learn more about FMR.

What We Do

We are the stewards of this land

At FMR, we are tasked with leveraging this lands potential for agricultural productivity, while preserving thousands of acres of fragile grassland habitat. For over 50 years, our family has been able to achieve this balance. Today, FMR provides a variety of goods and services to a variety of industries, including agriculture, aerospace, entertainment, education, and environmental science and conservation.



FMR has a long history of ranching and farming in the great San Joaquin Valley. The ranch produces beef, almonds, and olives for customers and consumers across the United States.


Event Services

FMR’s vast, private, and undeveloped lands create unique business opportunities for clients in a variety of industries. We welcome new ideas for land use arrangements on the property.



Since the early 1980s, we have been working with conservation organizations to protect the fragile vernal pool grasslands on the ranch. FMR currently has several conservation easements, totalling 5,000 acres, and is looking for more conservation opportunities.

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