FMR Aviation Legacy



John Wescott Myers I was a renowned World War II test pilot whose extraordinary flying skills earned him the nickname “Maestro.”

As chief engineering test pilot for Northrop Corp. during World War II, Mr. Myers most notably performed experimental test flights on the P-61 Black Widow, America’s first successful night fighter, and on the first flying wing.



Born to Fly

“Maestro” inspired many other pilots to test the extreme limits of aviation.

Throughout John’s aviation career, he formed close relationships and bonds with many of our nation’s aviation heros.

“He was about 10 years older and a role model for all of us pilots. We always looked up to him.”

– Gen. Chuck Yeager

“John Myers was a true pioneer and legend of aviation who throughout his entire career demonstrated his exceptional flying abilities in all types of aircraft”

– Gen. Jack Dailey

“For us, he was a legend of legends. He was truly a pioneer and inspired many test pilots who looked up to him as their idol.”

– Barron Hilton

“Except for Myers’s quick thinking, a serious accident would undoubtedly have taken place. Myers kept our plane rolling rapidly along the strip until he had a chance to swing off to the side.”

– Charles A. Lindbergh

The Planes

At 86 years old, he had logged over 70,000 hours. He kept flying until he was 93.

John flew hundreds of planes throughout his decorated aviation career for Lockheed Corporation and Northrop Aircraft. Sadly, we do not have photos of most of his aviation exploits, but here’s a taste of what we do have.


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