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The FMR landscape is California in its original condition, unaltered by the human hand. It is raw, naked, exposed, and beautiful.

At the Flying M Ranch, nature bestows us with endless beauty. The vast grassland presents a blanket of colors that stretch as far as the eye can see. In the winter and spring, rain brings new life and vigor to the grassland, and a landscape dotted with vernal pools, and teaming with wildflowers expands to the horizon. As the rainy seasons give way to summer and fall, fields of emerald green give way to fields of gold. The rich and diverse themes of the FMR landscape afford photographers with endless freedom to define tone and mood and texture.


Striking Contrast

Natural vs. Material

The natural colors of FMR provide extraordinary contrast against the bold and radiant colors of the material world.


Country Elegance

Old World Charm

A table with chairs and candlelight beneath a starry sky present a scene of elegance and charm that fuels a photographer’s delight.

Boot Barn
©Boot Barn

Wild Creativity

Let the Mind Run Wild

The call of the wild reanimates the imagination, transforming a flicker of thought into a raging storm of creativity.


Film Location Services

FMR can accommodate film productions of any scale, providing landscape themes as unique and colorful as the productions themselves.

Looking upon the grasslands of FMR, the eyes take in a scene that conjures up dreams of adventures in far off lands. The appearance of FMR resembles the solitudinous expanse of grasslands in the Serengeti of Africa, the Mongolian-Manchurian steppe, and the Pampas of Argentina and Uruguay. For filmmakers, FMR provides extraordinary settings for adventure, romance, action, and drama a short distance away from Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Western Appeal

A True Taste of the Old West

Expansive grasslands dotted with cattle, provide a classic western theme suitable for western scenes, both historic and modern.


Timeless Adventure

Escape from Normal

The FMR landscape exudes an air of timeless mystique that compliments stories of adventure, romance, and drama.

RedBull Flyby
©Red Bull

Action Abounds

All Wild on the Western Front

Wide open space, with no visible powerlines and structures enable safe low-level flights, car chases, and gun fights.

Locations & Themes

Offering unique locations and splendid themes to suit any project

Different locations around the ranch offer a variety of themes. These extraordinary settings can suit projects large and small: from major motion picture productions and television programs, to commercials, music videos, and student films.

Please contact us to learn more about license agreements with the FMR.



Rock Outcroppings

Dirt Roads


Streams & Creeks




Surrounding Area

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