Aeronautics & Technology


Research & Development

The Flying M Ranch has a long and decorated history in the world of aeronautical research and development.

FMR’s founder, John Wescott Myers Sr. was a renowned World War II test pilot. As chief engineering test pilot at Northrop, he test flew hundreds of planes, from the P-61 “Black Widow” to the flying wing prototypes. Today, FMR provides land use arrangements to companies in aeronautics and technology. FMR offers the vast area and privacy required to safely and securely engage in aeronautics research and development. Please contact us to discuss license agreements and fees.


Fostering Innovation

The Tech’s Playground

FMR’s simple license agreements enable tech companies to conduct research and development in a private and secure location.

New Runway

Vernal Pools

Aviation Infrastructure

Cleared for Takeoff

The Flying M Ranch offers a 3,700 foot paved airstrip with three-phase power and facilities to accommodate various flight testing operations.


UAS Development

Unmanned Aircraft

With vast areas of privately-owned grasslands, UAS operators are assured visual line-of-sight and minimal air traffic.  Airport identifier: CA03


Geospatial Technology

With extensive areas of both grasslands and crops, and unique topographical features, FMR provides an ideal testing ground for geospatial technologies.

Land cover across FMR includes the vernal-pool grasslands of the nature preserve, row crops, perennial orchard crops, vegetated riparian zones, and small water bodies. These land cover types provide varying conditions for testing data acquisition and processing technologies.


Data Collection

Sensor Development

FMR supports companies developing sensors for geospatial applications, and can arrange access to various areas of the ranch depending on your needs.

Data Analysis

Remote Sensing & GIS

FMR’s varied land cover types enable remote sensing and GIS software developers to rigorously test products in differing conditions and environments.

Geospatial Products

Proof of Concept

The FMR landscape offers scenes of exceptional beauty, providing for data and aerial images perfectly suited for promoting products and services.



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FMR Testing Grounds

Privacy and seclusion, just two hours from San Francisco, and four and half hours from Los Angeles.

The Flying M Ranch encompasses approximately 24 square miles (~15,500 acres) of undeveloped and private land. To the west, farmlands create an additional buffer between the ranch and the City of Merced. To the east, FMR extends into the undeveloped foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. To the north and south, grasslands extend as far as the eye can see. This extraordinary property creates unrivaled opportunities for aeronautical research and development.


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