The Airplane Port

The aviation catwalk gets a new airplane port.

Ongoing upgrades to the Flying M airstrip keep the ranch’s aviation facilities in top shape.


Accessibility by Air

Accessibility by air is one advantage we’re very proud of. Partners and clients of FMR can access the ranch with ease. Estimated time enroute (ETE) from San Jose International Airport to the Flying M airstrip is just 23 minutes, and ETE from Santa Monica Municipal Airport is 1 hour, 30 minutes.


FMR is one of the largest privately owned and undeveloped areas of land west of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The ranch provides unique opportunities for companies in a wide range of industries from technology to aerospace and beyond.

To learn more about collaboration opportunities at FMR, please see our event services, or contact us. We are always excited to build new relationships.

3 airplanes at flying M

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