A little effort can make a world of difference.

At the Flying M Ranches we are committed to restoring and protecting natural resources. From grassland preservation to riverine restoration, we aim to protect and enhance the beauty and vitality of our grasslands.

Burns Creek and its associated riparian zone, meander through the grasslands of California’s eastern Merced County. The creek and its tributaries comprise the largest watershed on the ranch, and lie within the heart of the largest contiguous block of vernal pool grassland habitat in the state.


From the foothills of the sierra nevada mountains, the creek winds its way southwest to its conflux with Bear Breek. Burns Creek provides habitat for migratory birds and waterfowl, and it is a key component of the surrounding ecosystem.

The creek is a prime candidate for restoration. Upstream the burns creek check damn dampens flood flows, increasing the potential for viable restoration projects. The creek and riparian zone lie within existing conservation easements held by The Nature Conservancy. This ensures that investments into restoration will be protected in the decades to come.


We are currently researching methods to improve the condition of the creek. Efforts may include the establishment of a riparian buffer, and tree planting and fencing to enhance and protect the riverine system.

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